Your partner to grant the GDPR compliance


From 24th of May 2016 the 2016/679 / EU Regulation (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation) on the protection of personal data has come into force. From 25th of May 2018 the perfect alignment between national data protection legislation and the provisions of the Regulation must be guaranteed.

Unlike our main competitors, our approach to risk related to the processing of personal data involves the corporate information system as a whole.

We take care of all documentary and organizational procedures.

We offer cyber security auditing by testing, monitoring and implementing the security of your networks, data, infrastructures and mobile communications.

We can support the company in the process of adopting suitable products / services to minimize the risks of hacking, ransomware, commercial espionage, interception and cyber attacks that can destroy the business also in terms of administrative sanctions (under the GDPR, the cost of a noncompliance with regulations in the most serious cases can reach 20 million euros, or if higher, 4% of the worldwide annual turnover).

Evaluation of the Physical security Risk Level. Planning / implementation of any interventions for the security of structures, data and for the creation of highly confidential environments.

The European Privacy Regulation (GDPR) considers privacy training an important security measure for the protection of personal data, which must be compulsorily adopted by all Data Controllers and Data Processors.

We can provide privacy courses in the classroom or in e-learning mode, using expert teaching staff specialized in personal data protection.

A final test is given to all participants at the end of the privacy course, in order to demonstrate the reaching of the educational objectives.

Our partnership with Delmoform, specialised company in the design of training plans and employment service aimed at professional re-quali cation and professional training, grants full access to all the nancing opportunities provided by the institutions all over Italy.